The Books

Hearts in the Spotlight

by Katie O'Connor

Former teacher, Stephanie Alexander retreated to the country to escape the media circus hounding her since the death of one of her students. Content with small town peace and quiet and avoiding the spotlight, she is thrilled with the corporate booking of all sixteen rooms in her bed and breakfast.

Brett Wyatt is nearing burnout from years of non-stop touring as a country music superstar. After a personal tragedy leaves him unable to compose, he arrives at the Wild Rose Inn, determined to spend the three weeks leading up to the Calgary Stampede getting his head back in the game. He’s not expecting to get tangled up with a semi-reclusive innkeeper with a wagon-load of baggage and a devastating secret.

A life-changing turn of events forces Brett to abandon his independence and rely on others, including Stephanie. But can she overcome her issues to help him battle his demons?

He craves the public spotlight, she fears it. Can they find a balance and build a life together?

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The Half Mile of Baby Blue

by Shelley Kassian

No family can conceal its past forever. When forgotten findings inside a suitcase reveal a stampede legacy, a new generation risks history repeating itself…

After Kit Wheeler learns her family’s ranch has been threatened with foreclosure, she puts her former project manager skills to work to initiate a plan. Secrets are revealed, altering her objective and inspiring a wagon race laden with family conflict. To triumph, she requires a strategy. Her genius sister stages an auction and an attractive businessman scores the winning bid.

Gabe Bradshaw first glimpses Kit through the pages of the morning newspaper. Drawn to her evocative portrait and baby-blue eyes, the President of TarSan Oil proposes a strategy to champion her acquaintance. His motives might seem suspicious, but Kit understands his gameplay.

What distance will a family go to save their ranch? What risks will a man and woman take to reach the finish line? The only question remaining is, will they secure the Half Mile of Baby Blue?

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Saddle a Dream

by Brenda Sinclair

Lydia Simpson-Crowchild’s to-do list could choke a horse. Besides competing in the powwow dancing and serving at catered events, Lydia originally planned to just spend free time with her friend, Emily. Well, that’s not happening with everything her controlling mother volunteered her for. And she continues to encounter that sous chef she crashed into at a recent event. She needs to decide if nursing is the career for her, but the only thing she sees in her future is that sexy chef.

Warren Chamberland has his entire future planned, and working as sous chef for Stampede Catering is providing him with the experience he needs to land his dream job. If he could only keep his mind off Lydia, the gorgeous Indigenous server, who nearly knocked him senseless in more ways than one.

Will Lydia discover nursing is her true path in life while Warren concentrates on achieving his dream job? Or will they discover that saddling a dream occasionally means you get bucked off?

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Eden's Charm

by C.G. Furst

Eden Blue is a sentimental disaster.
Ex-boyfriend R.J. Stoke is back in town resurrecting painful memories that could threaten to derail her carefully reconstructed life, including her blossoming on-line western wear career. Eden’s love life remains a mess, and she enlists sexy acquaintance Jon Frazer to pose as her boyfriend during Stampede. To her surprise, sparks fly between them, but are they enough for Eden to finally toss R.J. from her heart?

R.J. should be on top of the world.
His life is a dream come true; triumphant rodeo career, lavish lifestyle, and a wealthy Texas beauty on his arm. And to top it all off, he’s competing at the Calgary Stampede alongside the best Bareback riders in the world. But a chance encounter with Eden leaves his heart in a tailspin and his head anywhere but on rodeo. Does his future lie on the competition circuit or in the foothills of Alberta with the girl he left behind?

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Unbridled Steele

by Nicole Roy

Laine Young has ridden his last bull. He invests in a successful commercial farm and stable in the beautiful parries of Alberta where he wants to start fresh. He didn’t realize that signing the deal guaranteeing the current workers to their jobs would mean he also employs the most spirited, argumentative and fiery dark-haired beauty he has ever known.

Sarah Steele has her grandmother’s eyes and her grandfathers rotten luck. After years of constant struggle, she has finally been welcomed to race at the Calgary Stampede. Her goal in life; to gain the coveted Stampede belt buckle, and the cash award wouldn’t hurt either. Her barrel horse is expected to break records, she just might be rookie of the year, but the new owner of Letters End stable is distracting, and annoying and devilishly tempting.

The distraction of her handsome new boss is something Sarah does not need right now. With bills pilling up, and the stampede looming she will have to stay focused on her dreams or risk losing everything.

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Trick of the Heart

by Maeve Buchanan

Jaycee McRae fears her trick riding career is over. She’s set to perform a complicated routine at the Calgary Stampede, but failure to complete one stunt, the one that led to a family tragedy, could jeopardize her reputation and her career. With the rodeo soon to begin, Jaycee can’t foresee a positive resolution until a Russian Cossack rider enters the arena, and her life.

Sergei Volkov desires far more than being Jaycee’s friend and riding coach, but gambling debts, blackmail, and the Russian mafia threaten his family, his troupe and his dreams for a life in Canada. He’s determined to help Jaycee regain her confidence, but a treacherous colleague and a scheming beauty come between the trick riders and their growing attraction for each other.

What must a man do to build a lasting future and save his troupe? Can a trick of the heart win out? The hardest stunt to perform might be capturing Jaycee’s heart.

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Betting on Second Chances

by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Olivia Tate doesn’t want anyone knowing about her secret passion, especially her parents, who have always had their own strict ideas about her future and career. Not even her best friend knows how much she wants to chuck it all in and become a touring musician. She’s never played guitar for an audience, but it’s not entirely stage fright holding her back. Her parents have done everything for her, and she doesn’t want to disappoint them. But the need can’t be denied, and when she meets a familiar biker guy during the rush of Stampede, a guy with similar passions to her own, she knows it’s only a matter of time.

Will Fraser has never expected happily ever after. Being in foster care had taken that out of him right quick, and his few attempts at relationships…the less said the better. But when he sees his old high school crush at a Stampede pancake breakfast, all those feelings flood back and he realizes how much he wants that chance.


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